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Don and Cheeky

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My name is Don and ageekyplace.com is my home on the web. It's not much now, but after I get all the stuff moved in and arranged hopefully visitors will feel comfortable. I want this to be a place where my friends can find out what I've been doing and where people who don't know me can see some of the things I do. I figure I'll use it on my sn's on all the different chats and things I'm on from now on. This way everyone will know that just being a geek isn't all that bad. You really have to work at it to be bad. Ok that is it for now, come back in a while and see how far along I've gotten. I'll throw some pictures in now so you can see what the heck a geek looks like, believe me it isn't very pretty, so I've made sure some of my better looking friends are in the pictures to take the edge off. The picture to the left is of, Cheeky, and me. Cheeky lives at a place I do volunteer work called Everglades Outpost. That is where you will find me, if I'm not at work or home on my PC. As you can see, it's a pretty neat place to volunteer. The picture on the right is of Stella and me. It was also taken at the Outpost if you can't tell, hee hee

Stella and Don

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Now just to show you how much of a geek I am just look at all the ways you can reach me online.

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